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The Apparat Programme: 9.5

The Apparat Programme
broadcast at ninety-six kilobits per second in broadband
9.5: just a small cough
with a little blood in it

(8.34 mins) (6.04 MB) (direct download)
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This is Programme 9.5 because it’s very short — these were the last of the short standout songs in my podcast file. I am now all out of music.

All music featured in this podcast was either donated directly to the Programme by the artists, or made available by the artists for free download and circulation. The running order for Programme 9.5 is:

Kick Asteroid – “Don’t Listen To Me” (1:57)
Al Hotchkiss – “Sky Surfer” (1:59)
Eric Siegel & Liam Warfield – “The Depths of the Stinking Canal” (2:03)
Withiel – “You’ll Be Glad (When I’m Dead)” (2:35)

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