The MPERIA Radio Thing

February 1st, 2006 | admin

Comments are on for this, and I want a show of hands: how many of you have used the MPERIA radio player in the left-hand menu there so far this year?

Thanks for your time.

40 Responses to “The MPERIA Radio Thing”

  1. I have, nice one Ellis. AND I bought that ridiculous finnish folk CD as well.

  2. *holds up hand*

  3. Nope, but now I’m reminded that it’s there….

  4. Hand in the air.

  5. I did, for that Finnish group the other day. Weird stuff, not bad. I prefer Magma for my weird european rock music.

    *Holds up foot*

  6. I don’t.

  7. Yep! I also have bought a ton of music via MPeria because you pointed it out, someone on the punyhumans group there pointed it out, or I just happened to be logged on and saw it myself. Oh, and my Johnny Boy cd I listen to constantly to also… so, yeah, your musical promo stuff does work.

  8. occationally at first, but now I’m more of a straight download fella

  9. I have.

  10. I’ve used it.

  11. Me too.

  12. For an inane reason, I associated it with the annoying websites that play music whether I ask them to or not, which is most annoying when already listening to mp3s. I missed the podcasts personally, but did them as direct downloads. I admit though, I’m one of the bad ones that says its a great idea but does not support it .

  13. I tend to read through the LJ rss feed, so not me – I don’t even see it – although I used mperia a fair bit last year, when posts mentioned it.

  14. hand.

  15. I’ve used it a few times

  16. I rarely actually see the site, as I subscribe to your RSS feed. If it’s not in an actual post, it’s just not there. And I almost never use site-specific music players. If it’s not an mp3, I won’t hear it, because it’s time to MOVE ON, bay-BEEEEE!

    It is also possible that I have ADD. But it’s time to MOVE—

  17. I never noticed it until just now, I usually just read the posts.

  18. ::raises hand::

  19. I have once.

    And again now.

  20. I do.
    I got to get a fix in between Apparats.

  21. Haven’t. Used to download podcasts.

  22. Yep, I have.

  23. Nope

  24. nopes

  25. Yes. I have.

  26. Nope, never. I miss the jolly splendid Apparat podcasts though.

  27. I had not actually noticed it. Side effect of banner-blindness, I think.

  28. Yeah, I do.
    Keeps me entertained at work along with the apparat shows that I have downloaded on my PC.

  29. I have.

    I think you should bring back Telthapine (spelling?) and put it right on your webpage.

    I also think if I eat the cake I’ll grow taller.

  30. Doesn’t hold up hand or say “here” but grunts instead…because I’m cool.

    Sorry, I’m a substitute teacher.

  31. Nope.

  32. I don’t

  33. I put my hand in the air,
    as if there were no consequence.

  34. Yes. It is fucking marvelous…’course I’m on a lot of dilaudid right now, so everything is fucking marvelous. However, that does not change the fact that I use the MPERIA radio thing.

  35. Who’s in the what, now?

  36. I have indeed…well, now that you’ve mentioned it, I have. There’s quite a bit of goodness therein.

  37. yup

  38. no sir.
    but then again, i had the podcasts.
    which i don’t seem to have anymore.
    thanks for cloudead and bomb factory by the way.

  39. Yeah, I use it, just to get a preview of stuff like the Apparat programs before I start taking up space on my hard drive with them.

  40. “Yeah, I use it, just to get a preview of stuff like the Apparat programs before I start taking up space on my hard drive with them.”

    Oh my fucking god. I’m running a retard farm again.