8 Responses to “It Wasn’t Us, You Can’t Prove A Thing”

  1. I can just see Jack Black popping his head in the corner and saying “T’was beauty killed the beast.”

  2. Great caption!

  3. They do look like they’re trying to avoid the camera flashes! :)

  4. It just fell off captain. Honest. We was in the back having a brew.

  5. “Keptin, Romulan bird of prey decloaking off port bow!”

    “For the last time, Ivan, you are not Chekov from Star Trek! And stop drinking in the airplane before you break something!”

  6. HLoF said: [quote]It just fell off captain.[/quote]

    For some (sick?) reason I had to think of castration when I read that… :-/

  7. Hepler: More like Beauty blinded the Beast!

  8. Their landing plan backfired when a pack of bears chased some bison on to the runway…
    that’ll teach the crew to be playing blackjack during the mission!