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Pekko Kãppi/Maan Matoset

“Maan Matoset” is a compilation album, containing a selection of artists from the contemporary Finnish folk/drone/psych/tribal scene. It’s a terrific CD — this is the one I mentioned on my email list, that came with the hand-stapled outer sleeve and the inner sleeve wrapped around a long twig — and the piece that I’m currently replaying is by Pekko Kãppi. The piece is called “Sen Jalat Oli Multaset,” and there’s a weird kind of global otherness to it. It’s also a nice bridge point between Es and the Finnish stuff I’m going to play you next. If you like Sigur Ros, or, perhaps, the bowed soundtrack to CROUCHING TIGER that Tan Dun wrote, you might find something in this.

I got my copy from Volcanic Tongue in Scotland (link goes to page with “Maan Matoset” on it). I’ve used Volcanic Tongue, and recommend their service. In the USA, you can get it from Aquarius Records (link goes straight to “Maan Matoset” page), whom I’ve never ordered from.

The file’s good for seven days, unless I’m asked to take it down before then, and is presented for review purposes only.

“Sen Jalat Oli Multaset” – Pekko Kãppi

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  1. jb jb

    Aquarius Records in SF is a damn fine underground/rare/strange music store. One of the best independant shops in a city filled with them.

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