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Enemy Of The Planet Earth

Overcompensating has been really fucking brilliant/disturbing all week. Go and look.

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  1. I assume you succeeded in your nefarious scheme to rob him of successful quittage?

  2. Warren, did you send over the cute Jewish painter girl across the hall who smokes and made me not really care about quitting?

  3. That was me, yes. You see how I take care of my friends?

  4. Stefan Jones Stefan Jones

    Was Rowland ever able to get rid of the little guy who followed him around on a sparrow?

  5. coma coma

    ot: the first page of nextwawe (i have to read the rest), with the epic tale of captain fuck (i assume that’s his name), made me really laugh.

    now i want to apologize and pay for my sins. 7 or 8 years ago i sent you an email telling it was not nice to link (or another similar site, i’m not sure) to your site. ehm. i was young and stupid. i think you don’t often read emails, so the apology is just like “hi, i’m john and i am a drug-addict”.
    ahh, now i feel better.

  6. It kept my attention for all but 2 minutes, you really like this stuff?

  7. Lone Canuck Lone Canuck

    How soon before the “Enemy Combatant” shirts appear?

  8. Warren, the definition of a cigarette is:

    A pinch of tobacco with poison added, rolled up in paper, with fire at one end and a fool at the other.

    Stop Smoking now.

  9. How about you fuck off before I start looking for your home address?

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