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Mutagenic Sunscreen Enters Food Chain

Suntan oil, which can change the sex of fish, is present in our food and drinking water. The Independent website has reported that experts have discovered male hornyhead turbot and English sole feeding next to sewage on the Californian coast. Both species are undergoing gender transformation into females and a chemical identified in sunscreens is being held responsible…

two-cocked, three-vagina’d Hornyhead turbot
found slapping around LA hobo for vodka money
insisted name was “Kitty LaPlage” on arrest

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  1. I figure the EPA will do something about this when conservative Orange County parents start birthing hermaphrokids.

  2. Whatever it is – I’ll eat it.

  3. Damien Damien

    Sweet holy mother of shitting god.

    For some reason that picture/blurb coupling freaked me out more than anything you’ve posted, in a long time.

  4. The seas are more and more often producing Lovecraftian hentai-horrors. It is humanity’s fault. We sow the seeds of our own, mutant-originated destruction. Soon the fish men will grow legs and thumbs and step upon the land to rule us as our new, foul smelling overlords. Tartar sauce and shrimp forks shall be our only defense.

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