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Laurenn McCubbin & Joyce Carol Oates

Forgot about this: Laurenn McCubbin & Joyce Carol Oates have a short piece in the comics anthology SEXY CHIX, on release this week from Dark Horse Comics.

“…the sexy chix in question are the writers and artists behind the comics, respresenting some of the best and brightest talent contributing to the medium of comics and graphic novels today. With stories ranging from mainstream adventures to hilarious comic shorts to heart-wrenching autobiography, Sexy Chix is devoted to the under-recognized contingent of female cartoonists in an overwhelmingly male-oriented industry. It’s about time these divinely talented creators get to tell the stories they want to, and the result is an exquisite variety of artistic visions and styles.”

There’s a preview of the whole book over here — I have a few other friends in the book, too, and I’d really encourage you to search it out and take a look. But look at these panels from Laurenn’s collaboration with Oates:

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