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Wasn’t 9/11 About Bombing The Money, Though?

System Disruption meets the Internet:

Recent information indicates that the concept (of System Disruption) has become the topic of widespread discussion among members of Jihadi forums. On these forums there is a growing realization that the only way to damage the West strategically (without a nuclear weapon) is through the destruction of critical global economic networks. Stephen Ulph of Jamestown summarizes recent activity on these forums. His group found detailed documents that provide explicit instructions on facilities and pipelines that are termed global “economic joints”. For example, one set of instructions provided data on the Alaskan oil distribution infrastructure and recommendations for maximizing the value of the attack…

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  1. I think they understood that what they were bombing in the world trade center wasn’t really leafy green notes with Ben Franklin’s face on them.

    I think, also, that it’s clear the intent was to cause severe cultural damage and trauma, and thereby induce economic trauma. If they really wanted to nail a global economic joint, one wonders why they didn’t take out the NYSE?

    It’s not uncommon in a fight (on the street) to bait somebody into being overly agressive and losing their cool. It’s extremely common in martial arts. Every time bin Laden shows up with a new audio tape (whether it’s actually him or not), all-time low public opinion for Bush in the US revives a little (despite the massive scandals currently embroiling his admin.), and I get the ugly feeling that B*U*S*H is exactly what these guys want.

  2. My question is if anyone has done any form of critial analysis in comparing Bush speeches to bin Ladin’s tapes. I believe that if one looked, one might find the same sort of propaganda machine at work under both names.

  3. “I think they understood that what they were bombing in the world trade center wasn’t really leafy green notes with Ben Franklin’s face on them.”

    Well, sure, but the NYSE has no compelling visual component, and the WTC had governmental entities and major companies from some sixty nations installed in the two towers, spreading the economic chaos. The WTC wasn’t just hit because it was big and sexy. It was stuffed full of money.

  4. R.D. Scally R.D. Scally

    For those of you in the UK unfamiliar with lower Manhattan, the NYSE is just a few blocks away from the WTC site. Close enough to get the point across to those in power. Allow what was destroyed was the WORLD TRADE CENTER, a bastion and a symbol Western capitalism and coincidentally the tallest buildings in the US. Perfect symbolic targets.

    While I’m not a conspiracy theorist, try this idea on for size: What if there is no Osama Bin Laden? What if he’s just a boogie man created neoconservatives in the US bent on destroying the government as we in the US have know it? Would these folks love to turn the nation into a corporate owned and operated state that wants to seize the economic advantage over the rest of world? Bin Laden is a manufactured character, just like a villain in a comic book. That’s why he’ll never be captured. It’s to Bush’s advantage to make sure this character stays believable for as long as possible.

  5. Damien Damien

    Kevin, look at Bruce Lincoln’s book “Holy Terrors.” In it, he analyses the instructions found in Mohammed Atta’s suitcase, and the taped addresses of Osoma bin Laden as religious documents, and actually does compare the speeches of bin LAden and Bush.

    It’s most certainly worth a read.

  6. Damien Damien

    Bin Laden has existed since that little conflict between the Russians and the Afghani’s, where we put him in a position to take power, and the Taliban were “Freedom Fighters.”

    I’m sure they were “terrorists” to the Russians.

    They always knife us in the back. You’d think we’d know better, by now. Wouldn’t you?

  7. mike black mike black

    I question the worth of going after something like the Alaskan pipeline. Places like that are well enough covered by now, arn’t they? That was the original intent on the whole security alert system (not to scare middle aged soccer -football- moms, but) to let the security at these places know that something could be going down.

  8. R.D. Scally R.D. Scally

    Just by way of clarification, I believe that a Bin Laden once existed. That’s clear since he was working for CIA.

    But Bin Laden is like an evil Jesus: Can’t prove that he really still exists, but the guy is responsible for everything terrorist-related worldwide. He’s useful to both sides as a mythical figure. He keeps one side motivated as a source of inspiration and to the other side he’s an all-purpose instrument of fear who serves their desire to keep the population afraid.

    For Bush & Co. if Bin Laden didn’t exist it would have been necessary to invent him. It’s awfully convenient that he can’t be found and that he made some miraculous getaways.

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