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Tender Trap

Tender Trap feature the singer from Talulah Gosh and the drummer from Magnetic Fields. “Talking Backwards” is the lead song out of their new EP, LANGUAGE LESSONS. As you perhaps might expect from the presence of Talulah’s Amelia Fletcher, it’s the sort of oddly biting, dizzy, chiming, Sixties-inflected indiepop like they don’t make no more. I got it in the post on Thursday, put it on the mp3 player and have listened to it about a dozen times, for the weird joy and sweet incision of the words. It’s fun.

You can get it in the US through Amazon: Tender Trap – “Language Lessons”. It’s on too. If you’re in the UK, please use my favourite record shop, Piccadilly Records (just put “tender trap” into the search box there).

The file’s good for seven days, unless I’m asked to take it down before then, and is presented for review purposes only.

“Talking Backwards” – Tender Trap

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