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  1. Huw Huw

    A new low for greenpeace! That would have been a really cool video if the plane had crashed in to the building and exploded, instead of the non sequitur slogan.

  2. Jonathan Jonathan

    I thought it was kinda funny, actually.

  3. Dylan Dylan

    I think Warren’s link killed their bandwith. Or they have crap bandwith.
    I dug it though.

  4. Andy Andy

    Three words: pebble bed reactor.

  5. Mike Mike

    I second what Andy said. What a load of ignorant shite.
    Still, it was pretty damn funny!

  6. Adam Adam

    And this helps their cause how?

  7. Well the answer is clear, ban all planes…

  8. Well I think its great. Its going to get a reaction from everybody. And hopefully make some people who aren’t aware of the governments position on nuclear policy go and find out more.

    Greenpeace can probably reach most of the people reading this website by through its normal PR exercises, news coverage and website. But some people need to be smacked round the head, and the ad does this perfectly.

    Oh, and they should show this in schools. We had Threads, The Day After, Z for Zacharia and Protect and Survive to keep us awake at night during the early 80’s. All they have now is Pete Burn’s lips. Hopefully this video will make them piss the bed.

  9. Furthermore, Sandia National Labs once ran an F4 Phantom into a chunk of standard nuclear reactor containment wall at 500mph. You’ll note the Phantom evaporating and the wall remaining fairly unphased.

    The Video

  10. Max Max

    I’m watching the video try to load through their shattered bandwidth, and as the children stutter happily along the beach all I could see in my head was a bunch of guys jumping out and clubing them to death and skining them while their parents watch helplessly.

  11. A 747 weighs a lot more, and has a great deal more momentum that an F4 Phantom. I doubt a nuclear reactor would survive totally unscathed. But it’s a great ad, even if you don’t agree with the message.

    Sooner or later these people are going to realise that it’s too late to stop global warming. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t minimise carbon emissions, but much more effort needs to be put into managing the changes that are coming whether we like it or not.

  12. Not that it’s relevant to Greenpeace, but does anywhere here follow Bob Lazar’s company United Nuclear? I understand he’s been working on his hudrogen-powered cars for far too long, but his system is based on sound science and makes a lot more sense than traditional hybrids. Solar-powered hydrogen generators and hydride tanks to hold it in a non-volatile form seems like a hell of an idea, and not just for transportation. If you were to build a few dozen mobile hydrogen-generating tritium-fueled pebble-reactors (as opposed to the archaic uranium steam-generating kind), you could not only protect them from being soft targets [keep in mind, the reason almost all current US nuclear weapons are so secure is because they are constantly in transit], but you could periodically stop them over-night at pre-built underground hydrogen storage facilities (like aquifers), let them pump a few million pounds of hydrogen into the ground for the nearest powerplant to burn, and then move on. It’s inelegant and has too many steps, but it’s still MUCH more efficient and secure than our current energy infrastructure.

  13. I keep wondering why the CIA would want to slam a jetliner into a British nuclear plant.

  14. Chuck T. Chuck T.

    Thanks to the goddamn dialup, I watched this at about a frame every two seconds, accompanied by an unintelligible shot of white noise. It ran about twenty minutes (or seemed too) with that herky-jerky Blair Witch crap camera work feel. That made it far more terrifying: I had all kinds of time to imagine a little girl with a fucking harpoon stuck in her, or rabid dog, or nuclear disaster (didn’t think of the plane, though), or zombies. Christ, if I watched a real horror movie the same way, I think my head might explode. Cool.

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