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And Here We Go Again

2pm, and I’m in the pub, rubbing out the first hangover of the new year with Red Bull. I have another few days off work due to me, but I have a couple of thoughts that are scratching at me a bit.

Wanting to fiddle about with this website a bit, for one. It’s been the same for a year, and that’s an epoch in internet time. As longtime readers know, it’s been a mix of my research material, stuff taken from friends and acquaintances, and work news. I started playing with formatting a bit, a couple of months ago, but I’m thinking now that I should do some actual, you know, blogwriting this year.

I’ll still be updating several times a day with the new and sickening, because I need somewhere to keep my research material where I can get at it — which was the original point, and found me at one stage reading research stuff off TV-internet while working in a hotel suite in Vancouver. It doesn’t all fit into a Treo handheld, after all. But to the outside world, it’s nothing but linkblogging, and I’d like to add something extra into the conversation. I mean, I thought about going the other way and turning the place into a tumblelog – but, while they look pretty, they tend to be little but air (and, at this early stage, mostly arcane jabbering about Ruby On Rails, a programming language that those who nerd hard are already proclaiming in email to me as a viable alternative to oxygen).

(Yes, I am the king of the absurd run-on sentence. Piss off.)

So, every few days, I’m going to try and place a slightly longer piece of thought into this thing. Actual content and everything. This comes as part of wanting to get a better grip on the cultural flow in 2006. I was mostly in a world of my own in 2005 — which, sometimes, is exactly what the work needs, and things like FELL wouldn’t have happened without the space to step back from the day-to-day and engage directly with what was already in my head. 2006 demands a different approach. I need to be as close to the rhythm and stab of the noise of the world as I can. And I need to be talking about it, before I end up catblogging on Fridays or something.

Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for sticking with me this far.

— W

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