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GOTH Magazine Announced

From the press release:

Wicked Talent, the #1 Not For Profit Modeling Management company especially for freaks, has announced they have begun production on a full color, all inclusive subculture positive fashion magazine.

The decision came after careful analysis of current fashion magazines for teens and their use of alcohol and pornography ads.

GOTH is designed to be for young men and women, with emphasis on beautiful imagery and gorgeous layouts. This fresh, new bimonthly publication provides intelligent, interesting, thought provoking and entertaining articles about current personalities, trends, and designs by clothing companies who create goth, punk, street, and urban wear, as well as amusing anecdotes and music reviews.

Published by Wicked Talent, the female-operated Los Angeles based company with strong ties to the Gothic and Punk Subcultures, GOTH is is tailor-made for women aged 14-25. Breaking the mold of current print magazines, GOTH presents a strikingly bold new look combined with unique perspectives by published authors and fashion designers, sure to captivate the interest of a broad readership.

“We are excited about creating not only a premiere fashion magazine, but also, a cultural and fashion information bridge between artists and consumers” says Donna Ricci, Chief Officer of Wicked Talent. “We are committed to keeping ahead of current trends by featuring up and coming artists, models and other newsworthy people and events. As an example, our debut issue spotlights Josie Nutter, a Seattle-based model/performer whose career has recently catapulted her to the height of popularity with designers and photographers. We’re proud to feature healthy models who are drug and plastic surgery-free as a positive role model to young women.”

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  1. As the webmaster of a fashion web site aimed at larger women, the plus sized lady, I welcome any new site that taps into a non standard market.

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