17 Responses to “And, Before I Sleep The Sleep Of The Beloved…”

  1. You are wrongheaded.

  2. AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh………………………

    YOu got me again.. !!!

    And my 3-yr old son walked by and saw the “penis-man”… so I told him it was a space monster. (He likes Power Rangers… so I guess he bought it.)

    You fukker.
    : )


  3. Hell, that wasn’t as bad as violent hemroid weightlifter guy.

    You can do better.

  4. Hum. What would the advantage me to move a dick like that?

  5. Ok, the first guy is definitely Jewish, yes? The second guy was trying to lift something way too heavy perhaps?

  6. My guess is this man is having a new penis grown. My brain needs to try and make logic of this. Ah, on second thought I’m going to blow it out with a shotgun. This is worse than the “pink sock” weightlifter blow out.

  7. My eyes fucking hate you, sir.

  8. After looking at this, I question the motives behing banning me from posting on the engine.. the old man works in mysterious ways.

  9. Dammit, I’m sending you my therapist bills for this one.

  10. I can’t shake the urge to touch it! I just want to poke it once.
    Am I the only one who feels this need to prod?

  11. damn you to hell, Ellis.

  12. So that’s why you are so cranky and constantly deleting my comments, Mr. Ellis!
    I am so sorry.

  13. Fresh belly-worm for supper guys! Look! It still moves! Mmmhh yummy!!

  14. Eeew! Why do I keep disobeying the Ellis? Next time you say, “Don’t look,” I’m not looking, I swear.

    What is it, anyway?

  15. Looks to me like a colostomy where the intestine has herniated through the skin. Basically it looks like his intestine has turned inside out and *ahem* become a ‘pink sock’.

    Seen it happen before, and I can’t describe how awful the smell is…

    …funny though, looking at this picture, I’m more disgusted by the memory of the smell.

  16. I can believe I’m eating and actually looking at this picture?

    This tops all previous attempts, even the ass-milkshake……

  17. It said: “don’t look”. And yet, I looked…