17 thoughts on “And, Before I Sleep The Sleep Of The Beloved…”

  1. AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh………………………

    YOu got me again.. !!!

    And my 3-yr old son walked by and saw the “penis-man”… so I told him it was a space monster. (He likes Power Rangers… so I guess he bought it.)

    You fukker.
    : )


  2. My guess is this man is having a new penis grown. My brain needs to try and make logic of this. Ah, on second thought I’m going to blow it out with a shotgun. This is worse than the “pink sock” weightlifter blow out.

  3. Looks to me like a colostomy where the intestine has herniated through the skin. Basically it looks like his intestine has turned inside out and *ahem* become a ‘pink sock’.

    Seen it happen before, and I can’t describe how awful the smell is…

    …funny though, looking at this picture, I’m more disgusted by the memory of the smell.

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