6 thoughts on “DOGPOCALYPSE: They’re Coming For Us”

  1. And you’ve seen the story about the 91-year old woman attacked by her dead son’s pitbull as she was making dinner (the woman, not the dog)?

    Really, it happens more often than it’s reported. There are scores of packs of wild dogs in Detroit. Especially on the East side where nature is reclaiming whole neighborhoods because it’s so empty.

    They’re seeing deer in Detroit. DEER.

    The city’s skipped the feral part and is apparently aiming for an Azrec ruins look.

  2. what you have to do is go apeshit on pcp and then wedge your hands into the dog’s mouth (knuckles facing eachother) then use your superhuman drug-strength to snap the dog’s jaw so the fucker looks like it has two tongues. then while the dog is bleeding and crying and wishing to dog-god it was something else you laugh in its face and say “Lesson learned, jit-bag?”
    Then get stitches for hands.

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