12 thoughts on “Brain Not Quite Wrap Itself Around This One”

  1. That looks like something we do here, called Eroticon, where you get in at a reduced rate for wearing ‘erotic attire’, which is defined as whatever gets you off. This includes everything from animal costumes to complete nudity. Last year there was a Santa Claus and a priest/alter boy date.

  2. Failed superheroes bar. Rabbitman is calling attention to Victorious Secret, whose superpower involved crossdressing to infiltrate anything like unto bugs bunny. Rabbitman is calling attention to Secret because, as we all can see, the Secret is out.

  3. I assumed the costume was supposed to be Arthur from The Tick.
    As for the saggy arse– I don’t want to know. Even if it involves sphincter control and making change.

  4. I swear to god I know that guy. If the picture was taken in Tampa (or anywhere in Florida,) that’s the Senator. Staple of the Tampa club scene.

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