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Mperia Radio

Because I am special — yes, special like the Olympics, thank you — I’m beta-testing The Mperia Player for Josh & Frank at It’s very beta, a bit skippy in places, but generally working fine and well worth the investigation.

They asked me not to have it loading in the main page, so that I don’t smoke their servers on Monday afternoon, so you’ll find it as a pop-up player from the link in the top left menubar. Pop it up, have a play with it. You’ll find that the player lets you go direct to a musician’s page, and also lets you buy the hifi version of any track straight away, if you’re armed with a BitPass token (and if you’ve got money in a PayPal account, there’s really no excuse for not having a BitPass token).

Anyway. Carry on. I’ll probably change the mix on the player once a month…

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