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George Best Still Responding To Clink Of Vodka Bottles In Next Street

George Best is awake and “responsive” after being taken off sedation, but is still “desperately ill”. He was admitted to hospital on 1 October suffering from having drunk until his second liver turned the colour of old apples and attempted to saw its way out of his body using the crusty bits that had formed on its left side.

Prof Williams said they had all been “very excited” that there was some response after sedation was removed. “He is not fully conscious by any means…”

In February 2004, two years after receiving his liver transplant, Best was banned from driving for 20 months after pleading guilty to a drink-driving charge. He claimed he had been trying to drive himself to a health farm to tackle his problems, which was the only proof most people needed that he was in fact pissed as a fart.

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