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Comics Still Teach About Digital Life

“It is no use giving computers away to schools if no one is going to use them,” Ebben Haotuikulipi from SchoolNet Namibia explained… after the trainer they provided for two months left the schools and the computers in the labs remained largely untouched…

So in April, they came up with the paper-based HaiTI comic, which means Listen Up in the local language, Oshaiwambo.

“It is printed every Tuesday in the local youth newspaper, so it goes across the country. What is in the comic is also all online,” said Ms Haotuikulipi.

The colourful gang of characters explain technology and what it can be used for through stories, just like a conventional comic adventure. When they talk about e-mail or downloading, for example, information panels near the speech bubbles offer an explanation and web addresses for readers to follow. The characters are based on actual SchoolNet staff members and the comic has been such a hit that they are becoming minor celebrities…

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