Everybody Loves DEFAMER

November 1st, 2005 | researchmaterial

“Your disturbing image for the day: Gromit bending Nicolas Cage over a clay log, whispering in his ear that nobody even remembers that National Treasure was a hit.”*

4 Responses to “Everybody Loves DEFAMER”

  1. Disturbing, hell. That is HOT.

  2. I have say Nic Cage, after naming his son Ka-El, has just left the movie business as a major
    star — two films in a row that raked in less than his paycheck? Can we talk about his
    upcoming TV deal at CBS?

  3. Not enough steel wool in the building to remove that from my brain. Or the thought of Wallace in the corner manning the videocamera…

  4. I may have to give Defamer a second chance . . .