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  1. Benjamin


    Aside from that being somewhat sublime, are those people out on the ice just to the right of centre?

  2. Kevin


    Looks beautiful & depressing. Makes me want to go to the Aokigahara and eat one.

  3. Just everyday life for us Icelanders.:)

  4. BCNBastard


    Charming!The most delicious landscape for a guy tired of Barcelona’s insolent sun.

  5. I might’ve been really slow to catch on to this – or something is wrong
    But I was thinking how could I miss something astonishing as this on the livejournal feed
    and it turns out I didn’t; it’s not there on warrenelliswire..
    Doesn’t everything you post here move over there too..?
    I’m guessing not, because they also don’t seem to arrive in the same order.. Hmmm…

  6. Jay


    I grew up in northern Alaska. Same weather, crappier landscape. The Inland Passage, down by Juneau, has pretty spots though.

    I wish I were cool enough to have friends like Bára…

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