Messing About

‘Scuse the mess: today, I’ve been looking at changing how I do some things on the blog. The place has been feeling a bit stale for the last couple of months, so I’m trying out a few different approaches to break up the pages a bit. Forgive me if it all looks a bit weird and scrappy for a bit. I’m still working some of this stuff out.

It also occurs to me that the circle of writers/models/photographers/artists I used to know and write about in the diepunyhumans days have drifted to the four winds (as “scenes” and circles tend to do — even faster, in the accelerated time of the internet), and so there’s been a lack of documenting the mad and the beautiful on the fringes of netculture, and more of a focus on the research material (which you might call the mad and the ugly). Which is fun for people, it seems — the traffic averages 11,500 unique visitors a day, not including RSS, Feedburner, LJ syndication and the like — but sometimes feels a little bloodless to me.

Anyway. Yes. Breaking stuff.

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