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Man-Eating CryptoBeastie Has The Wrong Shit

Yogomaia, the chiefdom headquarters of Sengbeh chiefdom, and one of the two towns that form Kabala town in the Koinadugu district is at present under panic as a mysterious animal that has been rampaging the area for the past one month kills four people.

Sources from Yogomaia state that the animal kills its prey by breaking their neck and ends up eating their entire entrails. Sources also indicate that the animal suddenly appears before its victim and is capable of running faster than humans. “It can run at a speed that is unbelievable,” said Manteneh Marrah, whose brother has been the latest victim of the mysterious raid.

“This animal attacks people either on their farms or on their way to or from their farms,” Hon. Kakay stated, while describing the animal as very mysterious. To qualify his assertion, he disclosed that a huge pile of shit supposedly from this animal which is carnivorous turned to be a shit of an herbivorous but quite different in form and substance from the normal kind associated with cows, sheeps, and most bush animals…

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