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And Then I Drank Crystal Head Vodka

I got this for Xmas.  It’s actually a surprisingly nice drop, with a very schnapps-y finish to it at room temperature.  Probably from whatever lethal impurities lurk in the Herkimer diamond they filter it through.  I intend to chill it down and extract a vodka martini from it later.

Things achieved so far this week include: 

Writing a blurb for the back cover of the forthcoming reprint of Howard Chaykin’s SHADOW comics series.  Writing one long and two short emails to BERG that probably made them want to kill me.  Receiving one short message from Patton Oswalt that suggests he wants me to kill myself.  Receiving a smoke signal from that nice Mr Whedon.  And deciding I’m not going to do the GUN MACHINE revision until next week.  I am bruised and convalescent.  Good morning.

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