Utterly Obscure And Impossible Request

October 21st, 2005 | brainjuice

In Harlan Ellison’s GLASS TEAT, he records a time (1969? My copy’s in the attic library and I’m not going up there right now) when a Los Angeles police chief, Tom Reddin, became a news anchorman on LA television. Which is, in and of itself, a bizarre enough notion to throw at you tonight. But there’s more.

Within the format of this news show, according to Ellison, was located a segment entitled THE REDDIN REPORT. And, from memory, I believe Ellison notes that the graphic for this segment was a screaming American eagle.

Now, anyone who’s stolen from the interweb watched THE COLBERT REPORT will have noted a screaming eagle within the title sequence.

Impossible request: has anyone got any images from this antique tv show, industry videotape copies of which would probably have dissolved by now? In particular, that eagle graphic?

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