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Secret Origins

Home from Expo.  Picking at the FELL #11 script before dinner.  Woolgathering.

You know how FELL happened?  I had an email newsletter thing, years ago, and I’d been talking about what became the FELL format (later called Slimline Format by Image Comics.)  And I said, what I really need to make this work is a brilliant artist who can do 16 pages a month and hates money.

And Ben Templesmith emailed me an hour later and said “Me"!”

So I wrote FELL for him.

(He’s drawing #10 right now.)

Not a very interesting story, I know, but that confluence will never happen again.  It still makes me smile.  One of my best days in comics, that was.  Days like that haven’t come often enough since.  Hell, imagine me throwing that question out into the void today…

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