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OC Cop Injected With Glitter

An undercover Orange County deputy says he went to Florida Hospital for a shot of pain medication, but instead the syringe was filled with glitter, the kind used in makeup.

It was cosmetic glitter, according to attorneys for the undercover deputy, injected right into muscles of the deputy’s hip. The deputy had gone to Florida Hospital for sinus surgery in October of 2000. Nurses were supposed to inject him with Demerol. But one shot, he says, didn’t make him feel better.

Three months later, he had a four-inch by four-inch mass near the injection site. It took another surgery to remove it. An analysis determined there was “green and red sparkling material” around the mass. In other words, glitter.

“When Dr. Nawiki came to me and said we took some glitter looking stuff out of my buttock, I was shocked…”

(Found by Bob Morales, thanks)

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