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A Scattering Of Random Crap

Today we received William Gibson’s foreword for SVK.  So today is a good day.  If you’re reading this, Bill: thanks again.  I owe you, again.

Apparently there’s a new trailer for that docu about me.  I’m not looking at it.  Molly’s seen it, and says it’s me talking about “Another Cold Morning” from TRANSMET.

Whedon keeps emailing me about swearing.  Swearing as a subject matter.  Which is a bit like some terribly well-brought-up and sophisticated eccentric relative sitting next to you and talking about anal sex. With squid.

Photographer Natalie Dybisz has a thing on her Flickr profile saying “don’t reproduce my pics anywhere,” so I’m just going to point you at this wonderful photo taken at nearby Dungeness.

On the other hand, here’s my friend Cassandra Melena’s special effects final – she’s studying with Tom fucking Savini —


Also I just watched MACHETE last night and seriously how did that not win all the Oscars?  Also that Lindsay Lohan was in it.  I haven’t thought about her since 2007, when I wrote this.

In other Media Travesty news, I learned this morning that LIE TO ME has been cancelled.  Which means I’ll never get to see the episode where Tim Roth is on the moon, slapping aliens around while yelling YOU’RE A BLOODY LIAR at them.  I am sad.

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