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Japanese Nerd Grrls Will Own Otaku Market

While some argue that Japan is caught up in an “Otaku Bubble” where the value of the nerd business has become over-inflated, Hamagin’s Shinichi Shinano, who drew up the initial report on the sector says, thanks to gal geeks, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

(Note: the reporter seems to screw up his numbers here.)

“This 88.8 billion yen market is only comprised of otaku publications, movies and games. It didn’t include related merchandise or contents directed at women,” Shinano tells Spa! “I don’t know the exact figure, but I guess if you added these markets on, the worth of the otaku business might even go over 10 billion yen. You’ve got to note, though, that men’s and women’s are always blending further together and that women buy a lot more merchandise than guys. The female otaku market is certainly one worth watching for the future.”

Shinano may be right. About 30 percent of all readers of Shonen Jump, Japan’s biggest selling weekly manga with a circulation of millions, are women. Gals also account for about 70 percent of attendees at Komike, the huge biannual trade show of the amateur and semi-professional comics, manga, anime and games that are collectively known as dojinshi…

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