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Brief Drive-By Bits

This and that:

Katie West’s photobook BLACK AND WHITE is back on sale after some weirdness at

black and white: 15 of 76

Patton Oswalt is still out on tour with his fine new book ZOMBIE SPACESHIP WASTELAND which you should all already own.  I mention it mostly as an excuse to post this:

Just landed in Orlando. Woman next to me made cell phone call, said "The virus is spreading in the lab," then laughed. #theFUCKThu Jan 20 21:45:30 via Twitter for BlackBerry®


So that’s going well, then.

Spoke to Dean Trippe about a little internet game thing he wants to try, that should be fun for people to watch.

Tomorrow I have to do a few hours’ worth of phone interviews in support of the RED DVD, which hits over here on February 14.  Because it’s romantic.  I guess.

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