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  1. Firevine Firevine

    Ya know…I really need to start listening to you when you say not to look.

  2. Thank you Mr. Ellis. I have lost the ability to eat fresh fish.

  3. Well of course I looked, you silly man! And now am further scarred for life.

  4. Chris Chris

    Ellis you bastard. Not only did I look while in the office, I’m not that far from the kitchen where someone had just begun to cook some particularly smelly tuna.

  5. Is it bad that I’m sort of hungry now?

  6. I took the precaution of half-closing my eyes before I clicked on the link. As a result I saw what looked like the hindquarters of a dog emerging from a man’s backside.

  7. Day off today.
    Woke up with “ladykillers” in my head this morning.
    Regrettably its the only “Lush” song I’m familiar enough with to sing along.
    I look…
    it reminds me of something.
    Also, I never want to smell fresh fish and ass.

  8. I wouldn’t have looked if you hadn’t opened it to comments. You knew that would happen, didn’t you?

  9. ALlen ALlen

    gotta say an interesting development from ass eels to ass fish…..

  10. Mark Denine Mark Denine

    The link was like a big red button that reads “Do NOt Press!”

    eguh! I haven’t eaten fish in like ten years and I was on the verge of trying it again.

    Now I’m back to whatever comes before the “verge.”

    Bowel Disruptor meets meat gun?

  11. dave golbitz dave golbitz

    I can’t help but wonder, were they still alive, what would the fish be thinking?

  12. Fish scales… no resistance in one direction, but in the other direction….

    Dave golbitz: I’d take my answer from Hitchhiker’s Guide; “Oh no, not again.”

  13. Ah, the Ass Candiru. Pound for pound, the most evil creature of the upper Amazon — worse by far than even the stoat. Why I’ve not seen one of such —


  14. Melinda Melinda

    You get no points for originality.

    We’ve already seen seafood up the ass. And last time the ass was a lot cuter.
    You get points for “You looked!” cause I giggled.

  15. Sadly, I did look.

  16. Curtis LeMay Curtis LeMay

    Heh–I should start sending you samples of Henmaru Machino’s work….

  17. Jeromy Jeromy

    There’s a joke to be made here about salmon swimming upstream to spawn, but I’ll be damned if I can find it.

  18. Andy Andy

    Do you ever feel… not so fresh?

    Dude could use some Summer’s Eve.

  19. Colin Colin

    Thank god I checked the comments. My curiosity as to what it was has been satisfied without
    actually having to look at it. And to think I paid good money to try and stop him
    posting this sort of thing anymore.

  20. Johnny El Johnny El

    Aaaugh! Goddammit! I’m not clicking your links EVER AGAIN!

    (though I admit, it’s fun to read the comments… so many casualties)

  21. Keith Keith

    Just gotta to keep trying to beat that whole ass eel thing, eh? I’m waiting for the days when people move past the whole fish thing and need to get off by jamming whole wasp nests up thier rectums.

  22. Wes Wes

    thanks, that really woke me up, but good.

  23. Alex Alex

    ‘Fish scales… no resistance in one direction, but in the other direction….’

    Those look like trout, which have extremely soft scales. One might even describe them as ‘silky’.

    Clearly this man is a veteran of shoving fish up his ass.

  24. Anton D'Abo Anton D'Abo

    “ohhhhhhhh my cod” if only King Arther thought to trap elusive fishes in his rectum fish trap.

  25. David Mc Girr David Mc Girr

    God damn brain monkeys stealing all my thoughts.

    and i had the sense to not look…


    that was a soliloquayeaa…..

    i can’t spell for shit…

  26. fucker fucker


    not even gross

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