27 thoughts on “Oh Holy God DON’T LOOK”

  1. Ellis you bastard. Not only did I look while in the office, I’m not that far from the kitchen where someone had just begun to cook some particularly smelly tuna.

  2. Day off today.
    Woke up with “ladykillers” in my head this morning.
    Regrettably its the only “Lush” song I’m familiar enough with to sing along.
    I look…
    it reminds me of something.
    Also, I never want to smell fresh fish and ass.

  3. The link was like a big red button that reads “Do NOt Press!”

    eguh! I haven’t eaten fish in like ten years and I was on the verge of trying it again.

    Now I’m back to whatever comes before the “verge.”

    Bowel Disruptor meets meat gun?

  4. You get no points for originality.

    We’ve already seen seafood up the ass. And last time the ass was a lot cuter.
    You get points for “You looked!” cause I giggled.

  5. Thank god I checked the comments. My curiosity as to what it was has been satisfied without
    actually having to look at it. And to think I paid good money to try and stop him
    posting this sort of thing anymore.

  6. Just gotta to keep trying to beat that whole ass eel thing, eh? I’m waiting for the days when people move past the whole fish thing and need to get off by jamming whole wasp nests up thier rectums.

  7. ‘Fish scales… no resistance in one direction, but in the other direction….’

    Those look like trout, which have extremely soft scales. One might even describe them as ‘silky’.

    Clearly this man is a veteran of shoving fish up his ass.

  8. God damn brain monkeys stealing all my thoughts.

    and i had the sense to not look…


    that was a soliloquayeaa…..

    i can’t spell for shit…

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