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Jigsaw Goes Forth

Yes, I am still ill. Am considering a convalescence in the English countryside next week, if it hasn’t all been swept away by monsoon rains. However, I received the following communication from my friend benjones, proprietor of the fine newculture shop/gallery/lounge Jigsaw in NYC, and I need to pass it along before I go, or die. One of Jigsaw’s staples are the kinds of comics that only the committed, diverse stores really stock and make an effort with. Benjones has been thinking on this lately, and this is what he said to me:

In regards to previous comments I have made about being part of the problem — that people like me should open shops where they are needed, rather than where they are already doing well — I have decided to move Jigsaw to somewhere further south.

The move is eight months away, and the location has yet to be decided.

So. If you have regular readers who often complain that a) they don’t have shops nearby, or b) the only shop around is utter crap, send them my way, I want to hear from them. I am currently holding a discussion on my forum as to where Jigsaw should end up and welcome email from anyone who wishes I would come to their town. Right now, the main criteria are 1) in a red state, 2) east of the Mississippi.

Anything you can do to spread the word would be greatly appreciated.

Moving blind is a rather frightening prospect, so it’d be nice to know I’m going where I’m needed, not just down a blind alley.


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