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Denver Thinks I’m Dirty

Racy, adult-oriented Spanish-language novellas stripped from shelves of Denver’s public libraries are hardly the only picture books with strong sexual content available to children in the city’s 22 branches.

A Denver Post review of English-language illustrated novels and comics taken from a handful of libraries citywide shows books containing nudity, sexual acts and violence against women.

So DPL officials worry that a new inquiry into 6,000 fotonovelas this month could lead to a full review of the system’s 2.5 million books, compact discs and videotapes, depending on the criteria developed to weed out the undesirable novellas – some of which depict sexual acts, nudity and violence.

English-language books still on shelves include the comic “Transmetropolitan, Gouge Away,” which depicts a character engaged in a sex act with a woman with plastic breasts and the words “100 percent Plastic” emblazoned across her chest…

“We are not circulating them as children’s material; we’re circulating them as adult materials,” said Beckie Brazell, head librarian at the Ford Warren branch in the Whittier neighborhood. “It’s the place of the parent to decide what their children read and check out.”

(Found by Tom Reynolds, thanks.)

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