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Prophet Yahweh, The UFO Whisperer

MEDIA ALERT: Prophet Yahweh, Seer Of Yahweh, Will Call Down UFOs For Radio And Television News And Talk Shows In All 50 States Of America, One State At A Time.
Prophet Yahweh, Seer of YAHWEH, was blessed to discover the lost, ancient art of summoning UFOs and spaceships on-demand. Since 1979, hundreds of UFOs have appeared on his signal for witnesses to see.

(WMV video)

Prophet is willing to call down UFOs for your station’s news or talk show to video and photograph…

“The spaceship would never have appeared if I was not filmed calling it down. This is what the space beings wanted. They wanted me captured on film with their spaceship so everyone would know that these beings have chosen me to speak for them and no other person.The space beings kept their end of the bargain by sending a real UFO, on my signal, that was documented. But, Las Vegas media refused to film me calling down the spaceship. That’s why it never happened.”

Prophet Yahweh is now calling on all radio and television news and talk shows to allow him to come to their cities and summon sightings for them to document. Don’t let Prophet Yahweh be blacklisted because the powers that be don’t want humanity to find out that UFOs are real.

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