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RED Poster 4: That Nice Old Man Will Cap You

He’s always the nice old man. Even when he’s playing the occasional villain, you still kind of want him to win because he’s that nice old man. He’s Nelson Mandela’s movie stand-in, for god’s sake. In the RED film, too, he’s a nice old man. Apart from the whole killing-people thing.

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  1. Damien


    I had thought and hoped this one would be the one for today. Happy birthday to me.

  2. “Principal Clark’s gonna bust a cap in your ass… expeditiously.”

  3. Adrian Jones

    Adrian Jones

    These are all great posters, very eye-catching. Are you (or the studio, presumably) going to make them available to buy?

  4. Damian


    must say — it’s charming to see you so obviously excited about this film thing.

  5. Mine too, Damien. Happy birthday!

    Likewise, I love this particular poster and Ellis’ comments on it. Enjoyed a good chuckle reading them.

  6. Manx


    Well, Nelson Mandela is a nice old man with a history of (justifiable acts of) violence. Fits the bill I’d say.

  7. Damien


    Matt: Thanks, and you too!

  8. Bob


    I’m embarrassed. I laughed for a full minute before I realized this wasn’t a spoof poster for an action film based on his character from “The Shawshank Redemption”.

    It does co-star genre-master-supreme: Karl Urban, so I’ll be there opening night.

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