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Received Goods 8jul10

See these glorious little things? These are samples from the Isle Of Jura’s Boutique Barrels whisky collection, sent on to me by kind souls at Whyte & MacKay. If you’re reading, Craig and Jill, thank you so much. They are so beautiful I want to cry and treasure them. But instead I will pour them down my neck like the monster I truly am.


(way behind with these posts. house filling up with unprocessed stuff. books sneaking in through windows)

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  1. Laudanum Laudanum

    God I thought someone had sent you urine samples for a moment there.

  2. Fungo McGurk Fungo McGurk

    Be careful. That third one was drained from the last four German chancellors, so its particularly potent. Those blends will knock you right out.

  3. Bill Scurry Bill Scurry

    Jesus, those look tasty. Fucking Christ U.S. dollar exchange rate.

  4. You’re more than welcome squire – let us know what you think of them.

    And let’s hope we can get you up here at some point for tastings with Richard Paterson, the Master Blender (though he’s up to his eyes at the moment with some 100 year old whisky found at the South Pole).

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