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baffledjailbirdisin asked: Hi Warren, I was wondering if you know of or are talking about some alternative adaptation projects for Transmetropolitan? I understand that seeing it on the big screen is at present too big a budget to even consider, but do you have any thoughts on how you might like to see it adapted otherwise? If so, how good are the chances of this happening?

We don’t take TRANSMET out, but very occasionally persons in the film and tv industries request conversations with us about it.  And I mean very occasionally, because it’s an obscure work.  We haven’t, since the days of Patrick Stewart optioning it, met with anyone we’d consider the best fit for the material.  TRANSMET is not a thing we sell options on for the hell of it.  There are other works of mine that I’m happy to see other people adapt, just to see what happens.  TRANSMET is not one of them.  It’ll go to the people who will keep it intact, or it won’t go out at all, and either result is entirely acceptable to Darick and I.  I don’t feel that any book has to be “legitimised” by film or tv for it to have been a successful work.  And, at this point, the book is between ten and fifteen years old, depending on how you measure it, and enquiries as to the rights are growing ever fewer.  So, you know, don’t hold your breath or anything.

Bookmarks for 2012-11-20

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  • Georg Christoph Lichtenberg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "The notebooks contain quotations that struck Lichtenberg, titles of books to read, autobiographical sketches, and short or long reflections. It is those reflections that help Lichtenberg earn his posthumous fame. Today he is regarded as one of the best aphorists in the Western intellectual history. Some scholars have attempted to distil a system of thought out of Lichtenberg's scattered musings. However, Lichtenberg was not a professional philosopher, and had no need to present, or to have, any consistent philosophy."
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  • The Daily Routines of Famous Writers | Brain Pickings
    "I will write in the Notebook every day. (Model: Lichtenberg’s Waste Books.)"
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LIVING ARCHITECTURE: How Synthetic Biology Can Remake Our Cities And Reshape Our Lives

November 20th, 2012 | stuff2012

I had the great privilege of meeting, speaking to and working with Rachel Armstrong this summer, at a think-tank in Eindhoven.  I bought this book, a Kindle Single (also on iBooks), right after.  It’s taken me months to finish it, not least because I had to sit down and think for a month after each chapter.  If nothing else, this here is probably the manual for the next five years of science fiction “biopunk” novels, (Ah, if only they would stick with “ribofunk,” too!) with protocells becoming the new nanomachines.

Rachel said to me, “biology is the new engineering,” and the book is an expression of that thought.  Put crudely, the idea is that manual-assembly construction of buildings and physical infrastructures out of inert materials that either grow more inert or corrode away entirely over time… is stupid and dangerous.  Rachel illustrates (with occasional, thrilling speculative extrapolations) how buildings could be grown, and how existing architecture could be transformed, and how this new age of living architecture could achieve astonishing things.  There is, in fact, the strong sense than even Rachel herself feels like she’s barely scratching the surface of the possibilities.

LIVING ARCHITECTURE is a wonderful read that puts fire in the imagination.  I recommend it greatly.

You can find Rachel @livingarchitect .


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This is just gorgeous.  A nice gentle start to the day from /please/.  Good morning.