November 26th, 2012 | stuff2012

CHANNEL SK1N is visionary science fiction author Jeff Noon’s first novel in ten years.  It shares many genetic markers with his previous work: the surreal sf of VURT, the body attack of AUTOMATED ALICE, the people being eaten by art and culture of NEEDLE IN THE GROOVE, and the linguistic experimentation of COBRALINGUS.

The latter is, for me, the least successful element of CHANNEL SK1N, otherwise a diverting, sad and lovely story of a processed pop star, and her Svengali’s damaged daughter, being eaten by television. At times, the concept plays as MAX HEADROOM via DO ANDROIDS DREAM in David Lynch’s basement, but I absolutely recommend it for the glory of the prose, and the many instances where he lifts the material into stunning human moments.  This is a virtuoso’s warm-up set: loose, occasionally flawed to my ears, but magisterial.

You can find out more about CHANNEL SK1N, and how to buy it as an ebook, at this link here.

NIGHT MUSIC: From Sea To Sierra

November 23rd, 2012 | closedown, music

A long, undulating piece of ambient expanse from Mark Ward.  Like water pouring through metal coils.

NIGHT MUSIC: Prayer Calls

November 22nd, 2012 | closedown, music

The first track takes about three minutes to get going.  If you like drone and ambient, stick with it.  Long tones coloured by field recordings.  It’s a darkly beautiful reset note for my brain before bed.  G’night,

While America Hammers A Turkey Into Its Face

November 21st, 2012 | daybook

Yesterday was a write-off, work-wise. New Book DEATH BAR:

In which I wrote the line “Did you have silver polyester over my head at some point?”

Yeah., I know.  It gets better, I swear.  I hope.

So America is now switching off in order to devour an almost unimaginably wide swarm of birds, or vegetarian leaf-eating substitutes thereof.  I, however, am English.  God was an Englishman, you know.  Until we shot, cooked and ate him.  But I am going to take the opportunity to turn things off here (aside from the Closedown post) until Monday, and work while all the offices are closed.  Have a good weekend, folks.  It is now sunset on warren ellis dot com.