A Curious Intellectual Patron

September 17th, 2012 | daybook

Will Wiles, an acquaintance of this parish, wrote for Aeon today about the New Aesthetic.  This was therefore relevant to at least two of my interests, and I began to happily read it.  Until I reached:

Warren Ellis, an author who occupies a curious role as intellectual patron for this corner of the London design and technology scene, linked to the post from his well-trafficked website, sending thousands of interested eyes in Bridle’s direction.

I kind of want to ask Will to expound on this, but I’m also remembering that horrible moment six years ago when Bruce Sterling at SXSW accused me of “becoming a public intellectual.”  So perhaps I don’t want to poke at it too much.  So I am simply posting this here instead, as a note of my cognitive dissonance upon encountering the paragraph.

(It’s actually more disturbing, in some ways, than the moment after Improving Reality when Honor Harger told me one of her team wanted me to be her life coach.  I mean, that’s worrying.)

I don’t think it’s remotely true.  The one time I was asked to speak to a design/tech crowd in London, it was on the mandated subject of The Near Future Of Pop, and therefore useless to anybody.  I am mostly just an interested observer.

(Also, this old place isn’t as well-trafficked as it used to be, for many reasons, not the least of which is that it’s the first thing that falls off the list when work gets heavy.  Which I’m working to fix.  Again.  There’s all kinds of stuff that I haven’t written about here and need to get to.  Molly told me that Melissa Dowell had recently said to her something like “why doesn’t Warren love us any more? Why won’t he come back to the internet?”  And I suppose, glancing back over the years, that it might seem a bit like that.)

My second column for VICE is up today.  You may not have noticed any mention of the first one.  See parenthetical comment above in re: my crapness.


September 17th, 2012 | people I know

So Molly Crabapple went forth into the streets of New York City early this morning, with Laurie Penny and many other people, for #s17, the anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  She emailed me a couple of times from the streets.  I knew NYPD would conduct a fairly quick sweep, obviously.  I wasn’t quite prepared for a message from Laurie saying Molly had been arrested.

I don’t know who took this image.  Get me at @warrenellis and I’ll credit you.

Immediately thereafter, we got the hashtag #freemollycrabapple going on Twitter.  Which I find inordinately amusing, not least because she was sending messages from the paddy wagon and probably saw a bunch of it.  Because apparently they don’t take your phones off you when you’re arrested, now?

Interestingly, what evidently happens is that NYPD insisted everyone get on the pavement, and once they were on the pavement they were arrested.  What I am pleased about is that Molly’s arrest wasn’t one of the violent ones – because nobody in the NYC power structure gives a shit about sending the message that they will beat non-violent protestors to show how devoted they are to preserving the peace of breakfast in the financial district – and that, frankly, she gets to see the inside of a black maria and a cop shop.  Because that is going to give her a wealth of new stuff to draw angry, in the mode of her Shell Game pieces.


She will be out of the nick before Friday, when the second ARIADNE goes up, I’m sure.  In the meantime, she’d love it if you went to Twiiter and posted with the hashtag #freemollycrabapple .

Booklist 17sep12

September 17th, 2012 | stuff2012

Why do I keep adding to my booklist?  It’s a sickness.  But Lili and I went shopping the other day, and…

I haven’t read any Christopher Priest in ages, but I happened to meet him and his wonderful partner Nina Allan in Brighton the other week, so I decided it was time.  And you can’t pass up a China Mieville polemic, especially in so delightful an edition (full marks to The Westbourne Press there).

The List Of Shame grows.