Who I Am And Where To Find Me (August 2012)

August 24th, 2012 | about warren ellis/contact

My name’s Warren Ellis. I write books and comics and articles and other things. 

I live in south-east England.  My next novel, GUN MACHINE, is due January 2013 from Mulholland Books.  It has been pre-emptively bought by Chernin Entertainment and FOX for development as a television series.  The film RED 2, sequel to RED, based on the graphic novel I wrote, is due autumn 2013.  A film version of my GRAVEL graphic novels is in active development at Legendary Pictures.  I have author pages at Amazon and Amazon UK.  Right now I’m co-writing a thing called WASTELANDERS with Joss Whedon and working on my next novel.

My most recent original comics work was SVK, produced in partnership with the design & invention unit BERG.

If you want to contact me about writing for print or web, please contact my agent Lydia Wills – her email’s linked in the righthand menu bar, too.

If you need to contact me about anything involving film, tv, games or other things that move and make noises, please contact my agent Angela Cheng Caplan using the link in the righthand menu bar.

Sometimes I speak at conferences, or do other kinds of talks and appearances.  I’ve previously been a columnist for WIRED UK and Reuters.  You can contact me directly about everything else, including interview requests, at my public email address: warrenellis@gmail.com (gets checked daily.)

I have a weeklyish newsletter, MACHINE VISION, which you can sign up for at this link.

@warrenellis on Twitter. I have an Official Facebook Page. Username warrenellis on Instagram (for as long as it lasts!) and This Is My Jam. I keep a notebook at Tumblr. I occasionally podcast.

I can next be seen in public in Brighton, UK, on September 6, speaking at Improving Reality 2012. I may be doing something for the British Humanist Association next month, in my role there as a Distinguished Supporter.

Photo by Ellen Rogers.

RED 2 Poster

August 22nd, 2012 | Work


August 20th, 2012 | spektrmodule

Dispatch Render Ghosts
30 minutes and 25 seconds


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On a new computer, and trying to remember how I do this.  A short uninterrupted mix to begin season 2.

1.  logotone

2.  An excerpt from a NOGGIN THE NOG episode, “Noggin and the Pie” – narrated by Oliver Postgate, music by Vernon Elliott

3.  “Departure” -  Voice Of The Seven Woods    (album: The Journey)

4.  “Nerve” -  Laurel Halo   (album: Quarantine)

5.  “Economica” – Jim Guthrie   (album: Children Of The Clone)     

6.  “Dipping” -  Shackleton    (album: Music For The Quiet Hour / The Drawbar Organ)

7.  “Looking in the Ether for Meaning” -  Erstlaub   (album: Broadcasting on Ghost Frequencies)

8.  A clip from Tom Phillips’ and Peter Greenaway’s “A TV Dante”.  Voices are Bob Peck and Sir John Gielgud.

9.  “Wisteria of Albion” -  Time Attendant    (EP: Tournaments)

10.  “Cave Of Wild Horses” – Pine Smoke Lodge (album: Kambing Utan)

11.  “(Dub)” – Scott Tuma & Mike Weis    (album: Taradiddle)

12.  “Crash Deconstructed” -  Eluvium   (album: The Motion Makes Me Last)

13.  “Gedenkminute (fuer A+K)” -  NEU!    (album: NEU! 2)   

14.  logotone


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August 18th, 2012 | daybook


Haven’t been around too much for the last week. Today was the last day of Lucretia Borgia Ellis, more commonly known for the last eighteen years as: Lucy, Satanic moggy, Ugliest Kitten Ever Seriously Who Knew Kittens Could Even Be Ugly, destructive furbag, friend and motherly companion of Lili, good girl.  After a fairly grim week, I had to take care of her today, and found a sunbeam to lay her down in, as she prefers.


August 14th, 2012 | three panels

You can find Juan Santapau at The Secret Knots and at @santapau.

THREE PANELS OPEN is an open invitation.  Perhaps you’d like to do one.  A comic that is three panels in duration and 640px wide.  I’m only going to run the ones I like best, I’m afraid. However, there’s no time limit on submissions.  You can email the image to warrenellis@gmail.com, and please include your name and the website and/or twitter account you’d like it to be associated with.

It would be really nice if more women were sending comics.  Or, indeed, if any women were sending comics.