CLOSEDOWN: Fleeting Joy

May 30th, 2012 | closedown, music

A very evocative collection of glitchy witch-ambient from Australia.  G’night.

Bookmarks for 2012-05-29

May 29th, 2012 | brainjuice

  • Protoarchitecture Analogue and Digital Hybrids
    "Designing has become a liquid discipline pouring into domains that for centuries have been the sole possession of others, such as mathematicians, neurologists, geneticists, artists and manufacturers. Post-digital designers more often design by manipulation than by determinism, and what is designed has become more curious, intuitive, speculative and experimental…"
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  • The Influencing Machine | Strange Attractor
    @markopilkington: First round of Mike Jay's 'Influencing Machine' orders heading out now – it's a beauty of a book –
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  • Warp Drives May Come With a Killer Downside
    "When the Alcubierre-driven ship decelerates from superluminal speed, the particles its bubble has gathered are released in energetic outbursts. In the case of forward-facing particles the outburst can be very energetic — enough to destroy anyone at the destination directly in front of the ship."
    (tags:space )
    "A Book exploring the State of The New Aesthetic as it stands. Intended as a starting point for discussion and a snapshot of The New esthetic as it stands"
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When The Internet Deletes Hype

May 29th, 2012 | daybook, researchmaterial

Editor and writer David Hepworth:

You can’t hide. I was talking to somebody in the record business recently who pointed out, rather mournfully, that it was no longer possible to hype people. What he meant was that it was no longer possible to convince them that something was more popular or widely adopted than it actually was. You no longer went into Radio 2 and told them that they should be playing a record because it was going to be popular among this or that demographic. You simply sent them a link to the You Tube page where they could see how many people had streamed the video. Digital is its own audit. This is something magazines are going to have to get used to.

“Digital is its own audit.”  That’s really kind of interesting to me.  I’m used to unique counts being obscured and lied about.  But I hadn’t considered the open-count public services.  And, of course, this is what Likes and RTs and +1s lead to.  A world where we encourage everyone to vote on everything (an element of more than a few sf pieces).

Cultural voting, of course, leads to the triage suggested in the quote: following counts leads inexorably to media that play only the things they already know people like.

Which makes me prize things like Mary Anne Hobbs’ Saturday night show on XFM all the more: because I know that for three hours I will hear things that I have never heard before.

Still.  Interesting point.

nØught and the Negative

May 29th, 2012 | comics talk

An experimental comics-like thing by Olivia Fox.  Start at the bottom.

Your New Post-Apocalyptic Timeline

May 29th, 2012 | researchmaterial

It took some 10 million years for Earth to recover from the greatest mass extinction of all time, latest research has revealed.

So.  Yeah.  That’s how long it takes a planet to recover from an apocalyptic sequence of massive physical environmental shocks.

We often see mass extinctions as entirely negative but in this most devastating case, life did recover, after many millions of years, and new groups emerged. The event had re-set evolution. However, the causes of the killing – global warming, acid rain, ocean acidification – sound eerily familiar to us today. Perhaps we can learn something from these ancient events.