Balam Acab: “Expect” and “Oh, Why”

August 30th, 2011 | music

So I was listening to bits of the new Balam Acab album on YouTube – like this – when I discovered that I’d never played “Oh, Why” here. And I can’t imagine why. So I’m fixing that. But first, “Expect”:

The new album, WANDER/WONDER, was released yesterday. From Tri-Angle Records, it’s around on vinyl, CD and digital. Check your usual places. I’ll buy mine from Boomkat. And now, “Oh, Why.”

Michelle Anderst

August 30th, 2011 | researchmaterial

I am currently using my illustrative style to form fictional but plausible unions of biological and man-made structures on canvas. In my studies of science, I have observed many structural similarities in nature which man has also used to achieve a similar function. One example of this is found in the end point of a circuit, called a lead, located on a computer board. This structure looks very similar to a nerve cell ending called a bouton. Both constructions serve the purpose of communicating electronic signals but one is built by man and the other occurs naturally. I paint wallpaper in my compositions to enhance and compare the elegance that I see in bones, veins and nerves. I would like viewers of my artwork to think about the patterns and beauty in these parts of our bodies instead of seeing them as a reference to death…



Site.  And prints, skins, and iPhone case designs.

(via Deb Chachra, thanks)

This Week

August 30th, 2011 | photography

This week is heavy lifting on the novel.  It’s been a hell of a month, and progress has been slower than it should have been due to various Real Life nightmares that required my attention.  Therefore, there will be very little actual writing of new material on the site this week.

However, I’d like to keep the site warm.  So, every hour or so, I will post something before I go downstairs for my cigarette.  Probably a photo, or music, or a piece of art.

If you have things you’d like to send me to keep the flow of stuff going, my “public” email address is, and it gets checked once a day or so.  I will also accept photographic pledges of allegiance.

That NEW WORLDS Revival

August 30th, 2011 | researchmaterial

Found on their facebook page:

Hello everybody! So, after all the speculation and absolutely no hype, we are pleased to announce the publication date of the first e-edition of Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds magazine. The auspicious date will be the 10th of November (2011) The web magazine will include no less than four original stories by new writers, audio visual content from both the British Library and the Greenwich arts festival and features by some very well-known and well respected names from all areas of the genre. Our submission guidelines will be posted on our FB page so, New Worlds will be once more, and we hope in time to approach the heights that the name has reached in the past… but in the future! Watch this space for subscription prices and FAQ’s.

The submission guidelines were actually posted on the page a few days before the above entry.

The dedicated website still hasn’t been set up, and is defaulting to at this time.

August 29th, 2011 | daybook

The comics daily-deal website Thwipster has declared it to be Warren Ellis Week.

Not quite the official global holiday one would hope for, but it’ll do for now.  Thanks, people.

Right now, you can get the hardcover of FREAKANGELS Vol 1 for 32% off.