Bookmarks for 2011-03-30

  • BLDGBLOG: Islands at the Speed of Light
    "A recent paper published in the Physical Review has some astonishing suggestions for the geographic future of financial markets. Its authors, Alexander Wissner-Grossl and Cameron Freer, discuss the spatial implications of speed-of-light trading. Trades now occur so rapidly, they explain, and in such fantastic quantity, that the speed of light itself presents limits to the efficiency of global computerized trading networks. These limits are described as "light propagation delays.""
    (tags:architecture money gm )
  • Unlocking the past with the West Runton Elephant
    "Researchers from the University of York and Manchester have successfully extracted protein from the bones of a 600,000 year old mammoth, paving the way for the identification of ancient fossils."
    (tags:history )
  • ‘Spincasting’ holds promise for creation of nanoparticle thin films
    "Researchers from North Carolina State University have investigated the viability of a technique called "spincasting" for creating thin films of nanoparticles on an underlying substrate – an important step in the creation of materials with a variety of uses, from optics to electronics."
    (tags:tech nano sci )
  • Blood simple circuitry for cyborgs
    "Could electronic components made from human blood be the key to creating cyborg interfaces? Circuitry that links human tissues and nerve cells directly to an electronic device, such as a robotic limb or artificial eye might one day be possible thanks to the development of biological components."
    (tags:tech bio bodymod )
  • The 6 Verbs For The Next 20 Years Of The Connected World
    "The six trends he believes are most important for the connected world we live in going forward. Specifically, he broke these down into six verbs."
    (tags:net )


Kauai being where Mike Oeming is right now, on some work/vacation thing with Valve.  But he’s sending me back shots from his sketchbook:


And if you go to his website, you’ll find a blog entry that pretty much gives away what we plan to do with HALF MOON.


Also at Mike’s blog post there, a weird example of… something.  I’d sent Mike a link to a Russell Davies post that had some screenshots from 2010, with particular attention to the set design of the Russian spaceship (and hey, look, Dame Helen Mirren):

A couple of days later, Mike’s out shopping with his wife, and suddenly he bumps up against:


The intermediate combination and adaptation of which, you’re starting to see in some of this sketches. More next week, once Mike’s back from the sun.