This Has Been A Monday

February 28th, 2011 | daybook

I left for Berlin Friday.  On Saturday, a water pipe in the bathroom, upstairs, sprung a leak, which spread downstairs to soak the washing machine and tumbledryer.

I get home Sunday night and put the chickens away.  We have three rescued ex-battery hens.  Came from the British Hen Welfare Trust, whom I recommend.  A gift from me to Niki, who loves them.  I notice one of them isn’t sleeping with the others as usual, but standing alone on the other side of the coop.  I make a note.

And go back to my office.  Longtime readers will know that I have a terminal allergy to house dust.  My family, however, seems never to remember this.  Lots of dusty boxes and books got moved into my office when the leak sprang.

Today is Niki’s birthday.  It’s also the anniversary of my Dad’s funeral.  I’m having a monster allergy attack, the second really bad one in as many months.  This afternoon, the chicken stops eating and drinking, and flops on the ground.  By 615, we’re at the vet with the damned bird, who tells us it’s a respiratory infection, gives her a shot and tells us it’s 50/50 whether she’ll see the morning.  He gives us a mix to give her, telling us to syringe it into her through a straw.  You think we can find anyone who’ll sell us straws?  Juice carton straws are too sharp, and we can’t even find a Bic pen to disassemble.  So we syringe it right into her beak and hope it goes down the right hole.

Then the chicken shits all over me.

Which at least indicates the antibiotic shot is working.

I’m about done with Monday now.


February 28th, 2011 | Work

The informational website for the comics project SVK by myself, Matt “D’Israeli” Brooker and BERG has gone live.  GETSVK.COM.

SVK will not be sold like normal comics.  The email alert system at the site is there for a reason.  Sign up.

February 27th, 2011 | people I know, photography

The TRANSMET Dr Sketchy’s is on right now in NYC, and Melissa just sent this shot over of Jiz Lee as Spider Jerusalem and Ryan Keely as Channon Yarrow:


February 27th, 2011 | photography

The airline lounge at Tegel. I jump back over the water to GMT in 90 mins or so. Bumped into Matt Sheret of Paper Science and in the concourse, rushing for his flight. He seemed to think my talk yesterday worked, which makes me feel a little better about it. I never really know how these things are received, and I didn’t make it to the afterparty due to a week of broken nights catching up with me. Woke up fully dressed in my bed at 3am with no real memory of how I got there…

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Morning In Berlin

February 26th, 2011 | photography

Well, sort of. The view from my weird sunken bed. Going to find lunch before I lurch over to the conference venue. Mad conversation with Hammersley last night. He may end up actually running much of the Western world before the decade’s out. Though it was fun explaining Hollywood to him and watching him go “but…but… That makes NO SENSE.”

I go in search of feed.

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