Links for 2010-11-29

  • polis: Territories of Spatial (in)Justice
    "While one method of investigating spatial justice is by mapping urban data, it is essential for such maps to transcend a mere communication of facts, and to begin explorations of resistance and transformation rather than mere representation."
    (tags:cities )
  • Found Objects: The Ghost Telephone
    "Bernard Jones, inventor of "The Perceptor" and a telephone to call the "other side". A video about this here"
    (tags:haunt )


Ariana has built a thing so that my friends can sort out your Xmas shopping for you. It is Take a look. Someone in your life will want a poster illustrating all the ways in which the world will end, as written by a respected future strategist. A Wil Wheaton t-shirt. And I could go on, but I need caffeine, so just click through and take a look for yourself.