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Month: November 2010

comicsweek 1dec10

This week, new comics are being released to specialty comics shops in Canada on Dec 1, in the US on Dec 2, and in the UK… I don’t know. Dec 2 or 3? The snow’s looking kind of rough outside. I could be wrong about all of this. Time is out of joint.

KING CITY #12. Ah, KING CITY. Brandon Graham. Brandon is sort of a floating zen savant of comics. Madness falls out of his pen in such apparently effortless hyperdetailed ligne-claire waves of invention that other comics people just kind of stare and weep. The image above will be printed on the inside front/inside back over of the book. Click to embiggen. Would you like to see some of it? These, too, are clicky for increasedness.

EDGE OF DOOM is Steve Niles and Kelley Jones doing their own little TWILIGHT ZONE series on paper. Each issue a self-contained story, with no connection to the others, other than, you know, being dooooomed. #2 is out this week, and worth a look — Niles writes a snappy short story, and Jones’ art is always gorgeously odd.

GENERATION HOPE #2: all I know about this is that it’s a Marvel comic, something to do with the X-Men, and written by the excellent Kieron Gillen. So you should probably look at it. Yes.

EDIT: because I didn’t know what this book was, I asked Gillen to tell me. He said:

GENERATION HOPE is about the first mutants born after a long gap coming to terms with whatever that means in 2010. The first arc is about art and inspiration. Being a superhero comic, we do this by messing up Tokyo with a mass of biomechanical tentacles in true 80s Bodyhorror style. It’s basically My (So-called) Life meets The Authority.

So now we are all wiser.

Image via Wikipedia

Jeff Smith’s RASL has been a very slow burn: #9 comes out this week. I was once told that Smith wanted to do this book in an outsize format, but several retailers, including my late friend Rory Root, talked him out of it. I could have bent Rory’s walking stick around his head for that, and told him so. To have had that much more space in pages that are about space and spaces… Still, although a slow build, RASL’s assembled itself into an interesting, off-kilter piece of science fiction that will speak to anyone who likes, say, FRINGE. And while #9 might not be the best place to start, I wanted to bring it to your attention if you didn’t already know of it. And your local comics shop probably has back issues, or the first two collections — which are, pleasingly, oversized editions.

ACHEWOOD HC VOL 03: HOME FOR SCARED PEOPLE – I love ACHEWOOD. Don’t know if I love it enough to want it in HC, but I love it nonetheless. Comics industry note: the deeper into deadline insanity Matt Fraction goes, the more he talks like Roast Beef.

And, in a terrible case of whorebaggery, I would remind you that SUPERGOD #5 ships this week, and here is a preview. Also, the paperback of the fourth and final PLANETARY collection, SPACETIME ARCHAEOLOGY, is released. So is something called VAMPIRELLA MASTERS SERIES TP VOL 02 WARREN ELLIS, but I don’t know anything about that. I did a bit of VAMPIRELLA back in the 1990s, because I wanted to work with the series artist, Amanda Conner. I’m presuming this is a collection, but I don’t know precisely what’s in it.

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