Heading Home

April 30th, 2010 | photography

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April 29th, 2010 | mobilesignals

Off to London again, to see Francois Roche lecture, powered by a shot of The Black Blood Of The Earth supercoffee provided by Funranium Labs…

And Two

April 29th, 2010 | people I know

Henry Leo and Tallulah Louise.

Kelly Sue and Matt, you did good.



Something Else Entirely

April 28th, 2010 | daybook

I wrote a whole thing about how working for 2000AD, even just to have done it (as one commenter suggested), wouldn’t be a good thing because they keep all the rights, but I decided not to post it because it was a bit too shouty towards people I don’t even know and none of it was new.

But I did want to say:

Can you imagine a time when your favourite comics creators and stories were published together in the same comic every week? Because that’s what I grew up with. Hell, even into my twenties, I could pick up a copy and get prime slices of Milligan, Hewlett, Bond, Ennis, etc. The British comics anthology model, a weekly 32-page(ish) unit.

I mean, that’s why people still want to work for 2000AD. It’s a cultural touchstone.

But the idea’s the thing, isn’t it? Once a week, big slab of culture, comics stories the likes of which you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Not that it’ll ever happen again. Takes a crazy amount of capital and a scary amount of admin to get it to happen as a thing sold in newsagents. I can’t even imagine the horror of getting it on American newsstands, and god only knows the American comics stores would hate and fear it.

You could do it online, so long as no-one was getting paid. But the clue to the trouble with that idea is in that previous sentence too. That’d be something to see, though — once a week this glorious Thing appears, mad with hubris and crackling with ambition and wriggling with foul ideas and bad jokes. (Or even, hell, instead of one thing with five stories a week, imagine each piece of it on a different weekday, so Story 1 is always on Mondays, Story 2 is always on Tuesdays, etc.)

It’s true that the nature of the web does away with a lot of the necessities behind day-and-date release. But there’s also something nice about "appointment internet," even when it’s just a day out of the week. 2000AD was always Saturdays. FREAKANGELS is always Fridays, of course.

Anyway. Completely rambling. But it’s a nice thought. And not the worst model to drag out of the past and dust off a bit.