Home from London, after a mental-health day taken to go and see Francois Roche lecture. Absolutely fascinating, as expected, and it was lovely to see Francois and Stephanie again, however briefly. I got invited to dinner but had to tear off somewhere else, and at that latter appointment had slightly too much to drink to safely manage a transfer to the intended last stop of the night, so I decanted myself into my hotel room and was considering opening another bottle and finishing the job when my email retched and spat forth that which I will now refer to as Project H, a six-issue comics serial with a veeeerrry long lead time.

At some point I’ll type up my notes from the Roche talk. I didn’t try to note down his train of thought — frankly, I’m not sure that’s completely possible — but I did jot down the terms and phrases that were particularly interesting or resonant to me.

Here’s a showreel of Francois and Stephanie’s, that I just found on The You Tubes.

("Viab" is a great word. It’s the term they use for the mechanical tentacle they built that sprays generative architecture in bio-concrete.)

Came home, wrote some Project Nowhere at the pub (approaching a complete first episode now), caught up on the internet a bit, and now I’m listening to Leyland Kirby and wondering what’s next.