Whooshing Sound

The next 48-72 hours are deadline-intensive horrors. Wrapping up three major projects. I fully expect to be walking toasted vegetation by Friday.

Due to lots of people whining at me, I’ve set up an Official Warren Ellis Compound on that Facebook thing I hate. I’ve sterilised my personal page there, so this will be the page to find me on the Facebook thing I hate. It’s bare-bones right now, due to being in deadline lockdown, but soonishly Ariana and I will start piping stuff in there to make it mostly self-supporting.

(It also means that I don’t really have to use the Facebook, which I hate.)

Many things floating in head. I want to do more with print-on-demand. I also have a bunch of notebook pages on comics design that I’m ruminating on in my hahaha spare time. And I think I might have finally broken ground on a new novel to replace the lost-in-absurd-computer-death LISTENER.