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March 30th, 2010 | daybook

The next 48-72 hours are deadline-intensive horrors. Wrapping up three major projects. I fully expect to be walking toasted vegetation by Friday.

Due to lots of people whining at me, I’ve set up an Official Warren Ellis Compound on that Facebook thing I hate. I’ve sterilised my personal page there, so this will be the page to find me on the Facebook thing I hate. It’s bare-bones right now, due to being in deadline lockdown, but soonishly Ariana and I will start piping stuff in there to make it mostly self-supporting.

(It also means that I don’t really have to use the Facebook, which I hate.)

Many things floating in head. I want to do more with print-on-demand. I also have a bunch of notebook pages on comics design that I’m ruminating on in my hahaha spare time. And I think I might have finally broken ground on a new novel to replace the lost-in-absurd-computer-death LISTENER.


Links for 2010-03-29

March 30th, 2010 | brainjuice

  • Maps, Books, Spimes, Paper: Post-Digital Media Design at SXSW | booktwo.org
    "Lulu, and in fact any manufacturing process hooked up to the internet, has made the creation of physical things really rather simple. If you can think of it, you can probably get it made to your own designs in a way that used to be limited to specialised craftspeople ? what I call the Internet as Cornucopia Machine. Real things in the real world have a different (different, not +ve or -ve) value to digital assets, and have a different capacity to surprise and delight. And physical instantiations of the digital can be both archives and souvenirs (you can?t really have digital souvenirs ? a thought I?m going to unpack a bit more at a later date)…"
    (tags:design pod books )
  • Different Strokes: Custom Alphabets Help Us Introduce Audiences to Artists
    "What?s so special about a ?special? exhibition? For us, MoMA?s graphic designers, they?re special enough to require their own unique graphic identity, and oftentimes a unique identity is all in the letters. For two very different shows now on view at MoMA, Tim Burton and Marina Abramovi?: The Artist Is Present, we created two very different title typefaces…"
    (tags:typeface design )
  • Iscarietta- It’s all for you

    (tags:music video )

received goods 30mar10

March 30th, 2010 | received goods

John Twells put me on to this. Tristram Cary was an interesting man. Looking forward to putting it on tonight. (More electronic music, yes: imagine him as parallel to the Radiophonic Workshop, maybe (he did also produce incidental music for DOCTOR WHO) – and in fact created equipment the Workshop would later use.)


notebook 30mar10

March 30th, 2010 | notebook

* I love the idea that Owen Hatherley’s writing a new book called A GUIDE TO THE NEW RUINS OF GREAT BRITAIN

* local people trying to build a realtime "social GPS" map of Southend — more internet-to-hyperlocal



* http://www.iamamiwhoami.com/ continues to fascinate – there’s something here worth mining out

* The directorial brand. Who could do this/get away with this today?




March 30th, 2010 | music

"Spiders," by Spiders, on Brain Math. Probably should have saved it for Night Music, but I’m unlikely to have much memory left by 3am…