Links for 2009-12-09

December 10th, 2009 | brainjuice

The Ministry Of Space

December 10th, 2009 | researchmaterial

Well, probably not that Ministry Of Space. But:

Britain is to get its own space agency more than 40 years after the Apollo project landed the first astronauts on the moon. The agency will come into being next year and replaces the existing British National Space Centre as a single co-ordinating organisation for the nation’s space exploration activities.

The announcement coincides with the publication of a government review of space exploration that warns the nation is "at a critical point" in deciding its future in the space business.

Britain has a long-standing policy of not contributing to human spaceflight programmes and instead supports robotic and satellite-based missions. The review urges ministers to consider backing a space programme that involves both robotic and human explorers…

Received Goods 9dec09

December 9th, 2009 | received goods

Issue eight of YETI magazine arrived today. I noticed it because it has a Zola Jesus interview, and I am fond of Nika and her noises. But it’s a monstrous 200-page thing packed with all kinds of interesting stuff. Also, an eighty-minute CD full of rare/unreleased music by shitloads of people. Here’s Yeti’s site, with the information you want. It’s USD $11.95, or USD $19.95 if, like me, you’re ordering from outside the USA. For the amount of content here, that’s really bloody cheap.


Oh, and I got this last week., but I want to mention it: Julianna Barwick’s sublime FLORINE, previously only available as an mp3 EP from eMusic, is now available as a CD. This was one of my very favourite discoveries of 2009, and I’m so glad to now have a physical copy to hand. Julianna’s mailing these out herself, and mine arrived with a nice little note on the back of the envelope.


They Be We

December 9th, 2009 | people I know

A book by Katelan Foisy:

Fifteen women.
Three portraits each.

They Be We provides an intimate look at the lives of fifteen different women. From mothers, to Voodoo doctors, to those in the limelight, each woman has a story to tell.


Go to this link here for a set of discount codes to use.