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Month: October 2009

Cherie Priest’s BONESHAKER

Did you read BONESHAKER yet? It’s probably my favourite "steampunky" novel, probably because it wears the steampunkiness so lightly, while genuinely having a touch of the punk to it (which, let’s face it, most steampunk doesn’t). It’s actually a fairly mental alternate-world story of mad scientists, outcasts, sealed cities, airships and, yes, zombies. And the whole melange works. More than works — it has a crazy prologue, a melancholy and foreboding beginning, and then about eighty pages in it starts stoking the furnace and rattles up to a glorious speed and doesn’t let up. It’s terrific fun. Also, Mike Mignola really liked it.

It’s just gone to a third printing, so all your decent bookstores and your Amazons will have it. I think that, in the US, Barnes & Noble are doing a special promotion with it for another week.